HeartFire MicroDating: Conscious Connection for Chaotic Times

HeartFire MicroDating: Conscious Connection for Chaotic Times

Event Phone: 530-955-0690

  • October 5, 2019
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Are you seeking a date for the end of the world? It’s not hard to look around and see chaotic forces running rampant, to feel disempowered and isolated. The modern world of dating is complicated, confusing, and often unproductive (are you getting the results you want?). The loneliness epidemic is real. We believe that connection is the antidote. HeartFire Method is centered around simplification: bringing single people together to connect from the heart, in a cozy setting, without digital distractions and guesswork.

Tickets: $35 in advance or $40 cash/check/Venmo at the door

Tickets are non-refundable. We are limiting registrations to 15 men & 15 women (30 total).

Location: Inner Path,  200 Commercial St. Nevada City, CA 95959

About MicroDating:
Are you tired of swiping right and left on dating apps? Dating in the modern world got you feeling cynical about love? Feeling like it’s hard to meet people outside of your normal circles? Having trouble overcoming social anxiety?

This event is based on the idea of traditional speed dating, but without the repetitive “small talk”. The concept is simple: a room full of people, going on short (micro) dates with each other, with guidance from the hosts (Ken & Georgia). A powerful practice that will connect you with like-minded souls who are also seeking intimacy & connection. It’s an opportunity to level-up on your ability to have heartfelt interactions with people very quickly – a skill that is invaluable in dating, and in life.

We create a safe and relaxing container where we guide you through a series of MicroDates using interactive exercises, prompted conversation, conscious connecting through body language, eye contact, and a little bit of magic.

We will have two circles of people – one circle that is men / people who identify as men / people who want to date women. The other circle will be women / people who identify as women / people who want to date men. These two circles will date each other, rotating after each MicroDate.

We all have wounds around intimacy & dating (ourselves included). Most of us find it challenging to connect with strangers, in a meaningful way. We will begin the evening with a series of exercises designed to melt the armor around your heart and connect you with the part of yourself that is desiring love, companionship, touch, and connection. Interspersed throughout the evening will be inspired musings from Ken and Georgia on dating techniques.

At the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to write down who you matched with, and HeartFire will connect you with your matches through email. All the good parts of dating, without the awkward pickup lines and guesswork. Hallelujah!

Seating is on the floor (pillows/blankets available at the studio). Please let us know if you need special accommodations.

About Us:
Ken Knoll and Georgia Green met at a conscious speed dating event two years ago, and had instant chemistry. They are deeply in love and happily living together in a committed relationship in Nevada City. HeartFire was inspired by that fateful meeting, they want to share the magic of conscious dating events with the world.

What People are Saying About Our MicroDating Events:
“Thanks for the special experience. I already got to connect with someone and made some new friends as well.” Sean
“A refreshing reminder of how easy it can be, even for someone who is shy, to get to know new people in an elegant space held with relaxing grace.” Eli
“Great event, I really enjoyed meeting everyone. You both are providing a very needed service in our community. Thank you!” Julie
“You guys were so cute. Loved the event! Fun, real activities. Most hope I’ve had for dating in a long time! So many good people there. I’m so glad I went” Laura G.
“Great event. I really had a great time.” Hayden T.
“Beautiful, spiritual, well-coordinated event. An enjoyable way to spend an evening, creating connection.” J.R.
“This was a wonderful evening. Interesting, fun people. Looking forward to the next event.” Shivani G.
“I had so much fun exploring new questions with different people. I look forward to more events!” Catherine
“Fun, alive, great chance to dive in with new people and engage in authentic conversation.” Savannah